Women In Business

Women In Business

Inspirational quotes from successful businesswomen in Denton County

by Steve Gamel

Debbie Sardone, Buckets & Bows Maid Service
“As a cleaning business owner, I had very few obstacles associated with being a woman. I think cleaning has always been perceived as “women’s work” so no one got in my way. But, when I was ready to invest in my growth, a local Flower Mound bank would only give me a business loan if my husband co-signed. I refused and decided to grow my business without the loan. It worked out.”

“Give, give, give. Struggling business owners tend to be desperate, and giving is the last thing they have on their mind. If you want to grow beyond your wildest dreams become an authentic giver. This doesn’t always have to be monetary. Find ways to give and serve others, not sparingly, but in abundance. When you give in abundance you reap in abundance. When you give sparingly you reap in scarcity. Adopt the go-givers mindset and you will be successful. Just don’t mistake giving for being a door mat; there is a difference.”


Jayme Potter, RPM Construction
“It is NOT easy! There are many times you will feel very alone. When you get to those points look at how far you’ve come and what you have accomplished so far. Then refer to your business plan to get excited and motivated about the not so easy road you have ahead of you. You will find out who your true friends are. And sadly for me it wasn’t many. Do what you do with confidence. But most of all, once you start just keep going. Don’t look back unless it’s to see how far you’ve come!”

“There were a few times I was afraid of failing, but I think that’s natural – especially going into construction. But as long as you treat your clients the way you want to be treated and just keep working you won’t fail.”


Kim Southwell, Reading Ranch Tutorial Center
“Don’t listen to the naysayers, because there will ALWAYS be critics. Surround yourself with people who are passionate, positive, and understand the concept of hard-work. Lazy doesn’t cut it when you’re a business owner. And most importantly, keep your faith strong – you’ll need to get on your knees and pray for strength to guide you and get you through the junk that life as a business owner throws at you. But, the rewards are endless.”

“Stay focused and stick with the process. Dig your heels into the dirt and don’t budge.”



Cassandra Homer, Cassandra & Co.
“There really is no playbook for starting a business. A lot of people want to make it a very simple formula, but I think it comes down to knowing what you want and not being fully tied to the outcome. I have failed a hell of a lot more than I have succeeded and frankly, succeeding can be a little boring. Not having enough experience in certain areas of running a business were major pitfalls for me. People don’t often realize in a small business, you are human resources, you are accounting, you are operations – you are EVERYTHING! Learning to master all of these skills can be very daunting and not having the money to outsource it, leaves you with very few options. You have to dive in!”

“A huge problem facing women today is believing we still have to wait for permission. I’m not waiting for equality, I’m demanding it. I don’t need someone to tell me I’m just as good as a man, I know I am. Needing other people’s validation is something that will always make me cringe. You can’t please everybody, so why try? Be true to yourself and don’t wait for someone to allow it. Speak up. Be yourself. And you will be heard. The glass ceiling will always be there just reach up and bust through it!”


Christy Graham, Acorn Counseling
“Focus on your long-term mission and try lots of stuff that may get you there. Then get rid of what doesn’t work for you. Revel in the flexibility while still making sure you can meet your responsibilities day to day. Find great people to delegate to and then trust them with it. This may mean they fail but as long as your basic business is sound, that will be ok.”

“My biggest challenge as a woman comes from my greatest source of strength-my relationships. Balancing work and important family relationships challenges even the most organized person. Add to that the networking relationships that I build to grow and strengthen my business relationships, and time management continues to be an issue. As far as being a female professional, some people continue to be concerned about men seeking counseling from women and I simply have to educate our referral sources.”


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