Top 4 Summer Pests

Top 4 Summer Pests

Top 4 Summer Pests

by Barbara-Scott Kolb

Summer is here, which means pests are back on the prowl. After trying to survive the winter, bugs are now searching for any hot, muggy environment to find food. Here is a list of the most prevalent summer insects and a few tips on how to get rid these unwanted house guests.


Mosquitoes might rank number one on the list of annoying summer insects, and leaving you covered in red bumps that itch incessantly is not the only damage they do. Mosquitoes also often carry dangerous diseases that, when transmitted, can cause extreme illness for humans — diseases such as West Nile Virus, dengue, and malaria to name of a few.

Mosquitoes thrive where there is water because that is normally where reproduction occurs. Eliminating as much standing water as possible surrounding your residence can help reduce the number of these nuisances. This strategy paired with natural mosquito repellents and mosquito nets should be effective.


These parasites are as dangerous to us as they are to our animals. Three serious diseases ticks are known to spread are Rocky Mountain Tick Fever, Malaria, and Lyme Disease.

There are a few tick repellents, but a good way to assure you don’t come in contact with a tick is to wear proper clothing when you have a feeling you might be wandering into their territory. Ticks typically attack at your ankles — wearing tight, long socks can give you peace of mind when you’re out trekking through nature. Always inspect yourself and your animals once returning indoors.


Insects are not the only pests that emerge this time of year. There is a reason Texans use the phrase “snake summer.” Snakes are usually hibernating during the winter, so when spring and summer begin, they make their reappearance. You especially must be aware if there are poisonous ones wandering around on your property. Most poisonous snakes have pupils like slits with triangular shaped heads, whereas non-poisonous snakes have round-shaped pupils.

Securing all entryways, keeping food indoors, maintaining your lawn, and possibly installing a fence are all ways to protect your home from snakes. Always be aware when walking around your property during this time.


Termites are extremely destructive pests. They hibernate underground during the winter, and when summer begins, they are ready to dig out of their winter home and scavenge for food. That food being your humble abode, as they feed on wood. To prepare for their possible arrival, it is important to have your home periodically inspected. Once they have begun feeding on the wood structure of your home, it is costly and extremely inconvenient to have them removed.

Despite the presence of all these creatures, summer is a time to enjoy the outdoors. Just do yourself a favor and take the proper precautions against these pests.

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