The Organizing Process

The Organizing Process

by Crystal Nerpel
Cloud Nine Organizing

Getting organized is a popular New Year’s resolution. This was actually my personal New Year’s resolution a few years ago. Once I got started, I couldn’t stop! Living decluttered, de-stressed, and simplified is now a way of life for me, and I enjoy teaching others how to do the same. If getting organized is your 2019 resolution, I have an efficient organizing process to share with you. You can use this process with any room in your home. I suggest starting with an area that feels heavy or stressful to you. You know that feeling, right? That annoying weight that you can’t exactly pinpoint, but you know it’s there.

Step 1 – Make a mess.
This sounds counterintuitive, but it’s necessary to drag everything out and create one big cluttered pile. It’s easier to deal with the clutter when it’s out in the open. You may be surprised by the clutter that’s been hiding inside drawers, under beds, and inside boxes.

Step 2 – Sort your clutter into five piles:
Relocate, revisit, trash, donate, and keep. The relocate pile consists of items you want to keep, but don’t belong in that particular area. The revisit pile should be very small. These are items you’re having a hard time making a decision on. Sleep on it and make a decision tomorrow. The trash, donate, and keep piles are self-explanatory.

Step 3 – Declutter.
After you have completely sorted the clutter, it’s time to get things moving.

  1. Take the trash out.
  2. Put donation boxes in your car.
  3. Relocate items to the correct rooms.
  4. Make decisions on the revisit items.

It’s easy to forget what you own when you can’t see clearly through all the clutter. Once the clutter is gone, you will have a clearer picture.

Step 4 – Sort all your “keepers.”
At this point, you should only have a keep pile hanging around. Group all like-items together. All pencils together, all t-shirts together, all random cords together, all widgets together, etc. It’s tempting to skip this step, but don’t. Sorting will make step 5 easier.

Step 5 – Time to make it beautiful!
This is the step we usually see on Pinterest. This is when we get to decide how we are going to display or store everything, but keep in mind that using cute baskets and containers is not going to get you organized. Being organized is about purging and keeping like-items together in smart locations. For instance, it’s smart to store all your spices next to the stove because that is where you use them.

Getting organized is about making life more efficient and less stressful. Stay organized all year long by putting everything where it belongs and repeat Steps 1 – 5 at least four times a year. Getting organized is such a great resolution, but staying organized is even better. Overwhelmed? Crystal can guide you through the organizing process and create a personalized organizing plan just for you.

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