National Fun Day

National Fun Day

National Fun Day

by Steve Gamel

It seems like there’s a national day for everything these days. For example, if you want to celebrate National Hugging Day, you can do that in January, same with National Compliment Day and Spouses Day. If you’re a fan of erasers, there’s a National Rubber Eraser Day in April and even a National Yo-Yo Day in June.

The list could go on and on, but in the interest of our current issue, your friends here at Murray Media scoured the Internet and came up with a short list of the more interesting National Days for August and September.

tooth fairy cartoon

National Tooth Fairy Day
August 22

According to, this fun day was celebrated on February 28 and now again in August. You can celebrate it on social media with a picture of a toothless grin and the hashtag #NationalToothFairyDay.

cartoon couple kissing

National Kiss and Make Up Day
August 25

This fun day reminds people all over the world to stop their bickering, which most of the time is over petty stuff we can all look back on and laugh about later. We all have a fight with a loved one at some point, so be sure to say your sorry and cap it off with a sweet kiss.




cartoon man with arms crossed

National Just Because Day
August 27

This is pretty cool because we can basically celebrate anything we want and in any way we want – JUST BECAUSE. Give everyone in the elevator a hug, surprise your wife with flowers, go to every fast food restaurant in Denton County.




cartoon trail mix

National Trail Mix Day
August 31

Usually, you don’t see trail mix unless you’re at a party with lots of finger foods and snacks, so show it some love on National Trail Mix Day by creating your own special version and share with friends at
the office.

cartoon cheese pizza

National Cheese Pizza Day
September 5

Cheese pizza gets a bad rap sometimes for being so boring in comparison to pepperoni pizza, pineapple pizza, or a pie with the works. From what we can tell, though, it’s the only one with its own national day.

mom sitting on couch

National Lazy Mom’s Day
September 6

Heck yeah! Mom’s deserve more lazy days. This day is always celebrated on the first Friday in September, and it’s a great opportunity to skip the laundry, dishes, or even going to work if you so desire. Take a break, and make dad do it!


cartoon boy playing video games

National Video Games Day
September 12

And in one loud voice, every teenager in Denton County rejoiced! The best way to celebrate is to grab all the snacks you can, invite all your friends over, and cobble together a mega marathon gaming session. Don’t forget to mix in some old retro games along with the newer stuff to make it
an amazing experience for everyone.

cartoon cheeseburger

National Double Cheeseburger Day
September 15

Don’t just eat any cheeseburger, go all out with a thick, juicy double-patty monster with everything on it. Just make sure you wipe off your fingers before attempting to post pics on social media. Incidentally, National Cheeseburger Day is celebrated a few days later on September 18.


cartoon pirate

National Talk Like A Pirate Day
September 19

Yes! Who’s up for a few “Ahoy, Marie”and “Aye, Aye, Capt’n” to fill their day? We know a few people around our office here at Murray Media who would jump all over this in a heartbeat – costumes included.



cartoon woman singing

National One-Hit Wonder Day
September 25

Bring back memories of your favorite songs by artists who made it big because of that one song – and one song only. Maybe some Milli Vanilli, Blind Mellon’s No Rain, or even Turning Japanese by The Vapors.

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