A Partner in Your Weight Loss Fight

A Partner in Your Weight Loss Fight

A Partner in Your Weight Loss Fight

by Steve Gamel


Dr. Hien Le knew she wanted to be a surgeon; that was the easy part. The tricky part was deciding on a specialty. After all, millions of medical students all across the globe are flooded with a world of options when it comes to being a surgeon, whether it be critical care, trauma, oncology, vascular, or something entirely different, and they spend years learning the intricacies of each. At some point, they must decide which area to focus on and find their calling.

For Dr. Le, a native of Arkansas who has lived in Castle Hills since 2015, what she realized filled her cup the most was helping patients fighting morbid obesity reach their weight loss goals through minimally invasive bariatric surgery. “Specializing meant I could offer my patients the best possible care,” said Dr. Le, who with partner, Dr. Chad Carlton, runs LoneStar Bariatrics in Frisco. “You like the idea of being a general surgeon, but it’s special seeing how you can change someone’s life when you specialize. When they lose 100 pounds, now they are living their lives.”

She added, “Having the chance to experience their progress is what drew me to bariatrics.” LoneStar Bariatrics has been opened since November, but Dr. Le and Dr. Carlton are far from new kids on the block and have created a practice built on educating and motivating people – whether the people who come to them are considering surgery for the first time or need revision surgery. Between them, Dr. Le and Dr. Carlton have more than a decade of combined experience and 10,000 surgical procedures under their belt. That experience, coupled with the unique practice they’ve created, has quickly become a key differentiator for people who have struggled with diet and exercise and may even suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, or sleep apnea because of their ballooning weight and health issues. They need a guiding hand – a partner – in their weight loss fight.

“Both of us have always been on the same page in that we want to take care of our patients like they are family as opposed to another number walking through the door,” said Dr. Le, who completed her general surgery residency at the University of Tennessee and stayed there for her fellowship in bariatrics and robotics. “He always likes to throw this saying around that neither of us has a desire to drive around in a Maserati. At the end of the day, we’re doctors. We want to help.” So what is bariatrics, anyway? Most people know it as weight loss surgery, but it’s so much more in that it includes a variety of procedures that restrict the amount of food the stomach can hold. The most common bariatric procedures include sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass/duodenal switch, and revisions.

“Most medicines can treat high blood pressure or sleep apnea. Surgery and weight loss can cure all those things,” Dr. Le said. “Something like bariatrics can help turn a person’s life around.” Most surgeries these days can be performed using minimally invasive techniques, but there are also non-surgical weight loss solutions for qualifying patients such as the Obalon Balloon System, which is a swallowable intragastric balloon system for temporary use.

LoneStar Bariatrics is unique in that they have a dietitian on staff for those who don’t want surgery. They also take the lead on working with their patients’ insurance companies to verify and coordinate your case. We could sing Dr. Le and Dr. Carlton’s praises until we’re blue in the face, but there’s something to be said for hearing it from those who have experienced this impeccable care – and had their lives changed for the better. That includes one patient who on December 2016 weighed 341 pounds. After surgery, she now hovers around 200 pounds.

“Obviously, when you look good, and you feel you good, that’s really priceless,” the patient said in a testimonial on the practice’s website. “But what’s even more priceless is I didn’t realize how much living I was missing out on being obese.”

Another patient lost 55 pounds after surgery and was slowly coming off all his medication – including nine pills for high blood pressure – just weeks later. He also ran on a treadmill for the first time in 20 years.

“Many of the new patients we have are from referrals. Our patients are happy with the way things went, and they tell others,” Dr. Le said. “That makes us feel great to hear those stories. We just want to be here to encourage people to make a change when they are ready.”


Different Types of Bariatric Procedures

Sleeve Gastrectomy

The gastric sleeve surgery removes about 85% of the stomach so that it takes the shape of a tube or sleeve.



Gastric Band
A gastric band is a silicone ring placed around the upper stomach and filled with saline. This creates a smaller food storage area that controls the stomach outlet.



Obalon Balloon System
This is an inflatable balloon inserted into the stomach by swallowing a dissovable capsule. It is then inflated with gas, limiting the amount of food that can be ingested.



Gastric Bypass
A gastric bypass is when the digestive system is made shorter by bypassing a segment of the bowel, cutting down the absorption of food.



972.232.7171 | www.lonestarbariatrics.com | 5757 Warren Pkwy, Ste. 204 | Frisco, TX 75034

photography by Kim Ortiz Photography

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