When Its’s Important to Supplement Your Child’s Education

When Its’s Important to Supplement Your Child’s Education

by Susan Neuhalfen

Castle Hills resident Beena Momin knows a lot about tutoring children. As a 13 year-old she began tutoring kids after school for 4-5 hours every day. Even when she was home from college, she would conduct private study lessons. Today, she and her husband own Mathnasium in Denton, bringing her life full circle.

“It’s been in my blood a long time,” she laughs. “I always wanted to help kids get ahead.”]

She has found in her experience that those who desired tutoring fell into one of two categories: those who need help and those who have a passion for the subject.

Your Child Needs Help

Your child is behind on a subject. In many cases, both parents work and don’t have the time or patience to help. There is also the problem that parents don’t always make the best teachers because no man (or woman) is a prophet in his own land.

“Receptivity is a big problem,” said Beena. “When do you stop being the parent and start being the tutor?”

That’s when it’s best to bring in an outside source. Instead of searching YouTube to relearn Algebra, bring in a third party. Choose a person or organization that teaches this information daily, to get your child back on track. In a best-case scenario, the tutor makes it fun and easy to learn.

Your Child Loves the Subject

Your child has a passion for baseball so you sign him up for little league, right? If your child has a passion for math or science, you want to fuel that. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your child is great at the subject, but the passion alone is a good reason to expose the student to more information.

Parents love to live vicariously through their children, whether it’s sports or education. The key is to fuel the passion without pressuring them to the point where it is no longer fun.

“If your child loves something don’t burn them out, but don’t stop it, either,” said Beena.

That’s when it’s vital to find balance. While it’s great to have activities it’s just as important to carve out time for kids to just be kids.

“Now that I have a daughter, I understand that fine balance,” Beena finished.

Beena discussed one parent who wanted her child to excel in math but not to the point where she ostracized herself from the other kids because she was so much smarter.

“Our kids have enough culture and society blocks,” she said. “Education shouldn’t be one of them.”

On the other hand, Beena argues that some kids that are way ahead of their classes, become overly bored and too confident. That’s when they make mistakes. This scenario can be avoided when they stay challenged.

One thing she does tell parents is to never tell their kids that they’re bad at something, because they give their children the excuse to not try. She instead advises parents to tell the child how they learned.

“I was not taught how to swim, but I’m gong to teach my child how to swim,” said Beena. “I’m going to tell her how hard I worked to learn it myself and how rewarding it was.”

For those parents still on the fence, Beena says many programs, such as Mathnasium, offer free assessments. They play games and do oral and written assessments in a fun way so the student doesn’t feel pressured.

“Believe me, if we don’t feel your child needs to be here, we’ll tell you,” she said. “All we want is what is best for the child.”

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