The Gift of Critical Thinking

The Gift of Critical Thinking

“…your tactics typify a toxic blend of laziness and group-think that are all too common today – a hot mess of hashtags and intolerance that deepen the chasm currently dividing our country.” – Mike Rowe

My son came home the other day and asked what I knew about net neutrality. He said some of his teachers were talking about how the recent decision to abolish net neutrality would ruin the Internet. He was genuinely concerned and wanted to learn more.

I am embarrassed to say that I didn’t know a lot about it either. So the two of us sat down to conduct some research. We watched reports from CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and read articles from the Washington Post and other news sites. NOT ONE of these sources gave both sides of the story. They all talked about what was so bad about abolishing net neutrality, just like the teachers, but no one even bothered to explain the other side of the story.

I had to turn to one of those ultra right wing sites to finally get the whole story. The fact that we have to do our own research just to understand a news story is pathetic, but that’s another column altogether.

I was reminded of this story when I sat down with CPA Steve Buchanan to discuss the new tax bill for 2018. To say it’s complicated would be an understatement. The main thing to remember is to do your research or better yet, have a numbers guy like Steve explain it to you.

I wrote all of that to say this: we have some very bright very wonderful kids here in North Texas. Let’s not shortchange them by giving them OUR opinions or letting them understand only one side. Let’s give them the gift of critical thinking skills that have been lost on so many people today. It’s hard to take that time in our busy world, but who knows? Maybe you’ll learn something, too.

Susan Neuhalfen

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