Stop, Drop, And Really LISTEN!

Stop, Drop, And Really LISTEN!

by Amanda Owen

Listen! Can you hear it? The squealing of delight and splashing water as kids jump into the pool, sizzling burgers on the grill amongst the laughter of friends and family at cookouts, chirping cicadas and crickets that serenade the setting sun…

The sounds of summer surround us, but how often do you slow down to notice them? Most families are busy doing fun things but miss out on the full experience because they are always going.

Unfortunately, the same thing happens in relationships. We get busy and miss out on opportunities to love each other through listening. Family members often yell in frustration, thinking that no one cares about what they have to say.
What they want is for someone to show they care by stopping and listening.


  • Stop what you are doing. You may not be able to stop immediately when a loved one needs to talk. If the timing
    is bad, then suggest another time to talk
    and make it happen.
  • Drop what you are
    holding and look at the person who is talking. Turn off the tv, put down your devices, and look at each other. Parents are just as guilty as teens for passively listening while playing on their phones.
  • Really Listen. Summarize what you heard so your loved one can clarify anything that was miscommunicated. Then, use feeling words to convey empathy. This is especially true with kids who may not have the skills to express how they are feeling. If you are unsure, guess. Kids have no problem telling you if you are wrong.

When people feel heard, their attitudes soften. Relationships flourish when everyone knows their perspective matters. If you would like help living well, we encourage you to start the conversation. Live well. Let us help.


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