Mistakz Matt3r

Mistakz Matt3r

by Amanda Owen, M.A.,
Licensed Professional
Counselor-Supervisor and Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor for Lifeworks

If you read past the typos in the title, congratulations! You discovered the point of this article. It is easy to get so consumed by mistakes, either our own or someone else’s, that we lose sight of what is most important – our relationships. Can mistakes really be that powerful?

Life Saver
My dog and co-therapist, Dobby, arrived at the vet for a routine dental cleaning, but he left with an uncertain life expectancy. Although apparently perfectly healthy, when a technician x-rayed him by mistake, everything changed. The x-ray indicated an abdominal mass. Upon further inspection, 16-pound Dobby had a tumor the size of a tangerine growing in his spleen. If left untreated, it would have eventually ruptured and killed him. Instead, Dobby had his spleen removed, and the tumor proved benign. This mistake (or divine intervention)
saved Dobby’s life, and I am forever thankful for it.

Relationship Saver
Like Dobby, relationships can outwardly appear healthy but internally be a ticking time bomb. When hurt, anger, and resentment are left to fester unattended, they can destroy relationships.

We all mess up, and it is easy to focus on what is wrong. We tend to blame others, seek revenge, or just ignore it altogether. Consequently, our relationships suffer. However, when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, acknowledge our mistakes, and forgive others for their mistakes, we shift the focus from magnifying what is wrong to making things right. Mistakes create opportunities for change and growth. Ultimately, what matters most is how we choose to respond. A repaired relationship will have lasting effects more meaningful than the original mistake.

Are mistakes crippling you or your relationships? It’s not too late to change! If you would like help living well, we encourage you to start the conversation. Live well. Let us help.

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