It Takes A Village: Partner With Your Child’s Tutor

It Takes A Village: Partner With Your Child’s Tutor

by Kim Southwell, Ph.D.
Founder, Owner & Director
Reading Ranch Tutorial Center

I was talking to a writer friend of mine, and he said a good rule of thumb when writing anything – articles, dissertations, and even this blog – is to avoid cliches. Overused expressions like don’t get your knickers in a twist, every cloud has a silver lining, or a diamond in the rough are a crutch we simply don’t need, he said. And I agree.

Well, except for one – it takes a village to raise a child.

While overused, this expression describes the approach we have at The Reading Ranch®. We are your No. 1 source for all your child’s early literacy needs (reading, writing, and spelling enrichment), but we’re not off our rockers (cliche alert) enough to think we can do it alone.

Much of the magic we create is born from our relationships and partnerships with parents. Our parents are just as welcome in the halls of our tutorial centers as our bright-eyed children. And it is those open lines of communication that help bridge the gap between what’s happening at school and what’s happening at home. Supporting each other ensures a fun and productive learning environment for the child. So, yes, it takes a village!

Our doors are always open (another cliche) and we welcome your thoughts, ideas, and feedback. Here are more benefits and reasons parents and tutors should team up:

  • Parents and tutors can tackle the “tough stuff” together.
  • The relationship maximizes the time the tutor has with the child.
  • The relationship promotes trust between the parent, tutor, and child.
  • Parents have an outlet to share concerns about their child’s progress.
  • Parents and tutors can consider each other’s perspective.
  • The tutor can give you a better understanding of what your child is doing in the classroom.
  • Parents can share what they are seeing or not seeing at home.
  • Tutors provide parents with more direction, advice for when they work with their child at home.
  • Partnering up creates a universal message directed toward your child.
  • The tutor can create a more personalized program and any necessary accommodations that need to be implemented.



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The Reading Ranch Tutorial Center offers a phonetically-based program in reading, writing, and spelling enrichment for children in Pre-K through sixth grade. The multi-sensory teaching approach meets individual needs, giving students a strong foundation in reading, writing, and spelling while “filling the gaps” for children who need literacy support. We have six locations in Allen, Plano, Frisco, Castle Hills, North Dallas, and Sherman. For more information, visit to call one of our locations directly.

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