Facebook: The Recent News Feed Changes & How They Affect Your Business

Facebook: The Recent News Feed Changes & How They Affect Your Business

by Steve Gamel

Facebook is doing an overhaul of its news feed algorithm to again make changes to what we see and interact with on the popular social media site. While this is nothing new to any of us – how many updates have there been over the years? – the latest change will reportedly affect businesses the most.
Facebook president Mark Zuckerberg said his goal with the latest change is to prioritize posts from friends and family who we are likely to have “meaningful” conversations with and de-prioritize posts from public content – including the many small-business pages you willingly follow but don’t interact with as much.
In other words, more posts from friends and family and a lot less from everything else.
So why is this happening? Zuckerberg said much of the original intentions of Facebook had been lost with the addition of “extra stuff” to everyone’s news feeds. For example, you may see two or three posts from Uncle Bob in Michigan and your mom in Houston, and 10 posts from fake news sites, quizzes to see which Brady Bunch character you most closely identify with, mindless videos, and pages you follow.
Zuckerberg said Facebook received complaints from users whose news feeds are bogged down. Zuckerberg said it’s putting people in a bad mood, and he would rather prioritize posts that spark meaningful engagement.
Where this can hurt small businesses who are merely trying to foster organic relationships with their clients – many of those clients are family, by the way – is that there will be fewer opportunities to advertise or share blogs, updates, and upcoming specials.
While this won’t affect every business, here are a few tips to improve your engagement moving forward:

Create meaningful content
The goal is always to engage your audience. Live videos, photos, and content that is value-added and written for relationship driving rather than a boring sales pitch will drive more likes, shares, and comments.

Tell your clients about the  “see first” option
Even though Facebook is making changes, those who love the popular site can still choose what they want to see more. Direct followers to your page and ask them to select “see first” under news feed settings.

Join more Facebook groups
Facebook groups are extremely popular, and there are many out there that are specifically catered toward business owners. Take advantage and increase your audience.

Diversify your social media presence
Hopefully, you are using more social media sites to engage with clients than just Facebook. If not, look into sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, etc. Another way to increase your audience and reach.

Ask your audience
Have you considered asking your followers what content they’d like to see more? Listen to what matters more to them and fulfill those needs.

Change your post frequency
Try to avoid multiple posts in a day. Think about how many times you post and exactly what you want to post.

Live Video
On Facebook, Live Video is now a much higher priority instead of standard content with blocks of words. Live Video will be shown more in the feed algorithm. Be sure to post live to get the most out of this strategy.

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