Dear NFL: What Do We Do?

Dear NFL: What Do We Do?

by Susan Neuhalfen

My father loved the game of football. He played when men played because they loved the game. Back then, most of those men who played professionally had a second job because it wasn’t enough to pay the bills. Even Roger Staubach worked as a real estate broker during the offseason while playing for the Cowboys. He had a family to provide for and football was not a stable job in the 1970s.

I loved football mostly because I loved and respected my dad so much.

This will mark my second Thanksgiving without football and the fifth Thanksgiving without my father. Since Colin Kaepernick began his protest, football has lost its magic for me. Like most Americans, I have protested back by not supporting sponsors and not watching the games. It has impacted the sponsors as well as the NFL’s bottom line and they are reacting because, after all, football is now a business before it’s a game.

I can’t help but ask myself, what are we DOING?

I think that’s the problem. We aren’t DOING anything. For years we’ve heard about “having a conversation” but it took losing viewers, money and sponsors to take that first step. What was the result of the first meeting between players and owners? Darned if I know.

Football should be a uniting factor, not a dividing factor. We should be working together to solve our problems as a nation instead of using entertainment as a platform to further divide us. Unfortunately, all of the entertainment industry seems to want to divide us. The truth is, they are all about protesting and drawing attention to themselves. I have yet to hear any of them come forward with a solution or even a request.

I believe the ball (so to speak) is in the court of the NFL players. You have our attention.

What do you want us to DO?

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