All-District Football 2018: District 6-6A

All-District Football 2018: District 6-6A

All-District Football 2018

Co-MVP: Jonathan McGill, Coppell & Trejan Bridges, Hebron

Offensive MVP: Blake Short, Flower Mound

Defensive MVP: Kadren Johnson, Lewisville

Special Teams Player of the Year: Caden Davis, Coppell

Co-Offensive Newcomer of the Year: Isaiah Broadway, Hebron &Armani Winfield, Lewisville

Defensive Newcomer of the Year: Walker Polk, Coppell

Coaching Staff of the Year: Flower Mound


First Team:

  • Brian Dashner, Coppell;
  • Trevor Stange, Coppell;
  • Cade Cowen, Flower Mound;
  • Jack Lookabaugh, Coppell;
  • Wyatt Klawitter, Coppell;
  • Jake Springfield, Flower Mound;
  • Sam Spence, Flower Mound;
  • Jeremy Jones, Lewisville;
  • Garrison Wheatley, Coppell;
  • Cale Pennington, Flower Mound;
  • Pierce Hudgens, Flower Mound;
  • Jaylon Lott, Hebron;
  • Treyvon Jackson, Irving;
  • Gabriel Sanders, Irving MacArthur;
  • Jase Holbert, Flower Mound;
  • Jake Welch, Flower Mound;
  • Reid Touchstone, Flower Mound;
  • Daylen Clark, Lewisville;
  • Marcel Brooks, Marcus;
  • Jalen Jernigan, Irving Nimitz;
  • Carson Harris, Hebron;
  • AJ Newsome, Lewisville;
  • Dylan Adams, Lewisville;
  • Bert Auburn, Flower Mound;
  • Collin Alves, Flower Mound;
  • Khristian Jersey, Lewisville;
  • Bryan Parker, Lewisville;
  • JR Barker, Coppell;
  • Chance Hill, Flower Mound;
  • Noah Gipson, Irving MacArthur;
  • Joseph Sheddy, Coppell;
  • Carter Norrie, Hebron;
  • Jacobie Lewis, Lewisville;
  • Xavier Brown, Coppell;
  • Cole Davenport, Flower Mound;
  • Ibrahim Oyebanji, Lewisville;
  • Jaylin Oliver, Irving Nimitz;
  • Riley Strey, Flower Mound;
  • Darius Snow, Hebron, Kevin Anderson, Lewisville;
  • Justin Murray, Coppell;
  • Corben Claterbaugh, Flower Mound;
  • Diego Johnson, Hebron;
  • Daylen Clark, Lewisville;
  • Josh Plaster, Flower Mound


Second Team:

  • Gio Pansera, Flower Mound;
  • Chris Navarez, Irving;
  • Spencer Nielson, Lewisville;
  • Ariel Escobar, Irving Nimitz;
  • Blake Barber, Hebron;
  • Joel Suarez, Hebron;
  • Nick Nielson, Lewisville;
  • Justin Osborne, Marcus;
  • David Armijo, Irving Nimitz;
  • Myles James, Hebron;
  • Kwentin Huddleston, Lewisville;
  • Ben McAfee, Lewisville;
  • Josh Lockhart, Lewisville;
  • Justin Dinka, Marcus;
  • Collin Sutherland, Marcus;
  • Mitchell Reinacher, Flower Mound;
  • Reece Carter, Flower Mound;
  • Deshawn Kincaid, Lewisville;
  • Jacob Reyes, Irving MacArthur;
  • Jose Feliciano, Irving MacArthur;
  • Demetrius Chairs, Irving MacArthur;
  • Dylan Frettoloso, Irving MacArthur;
  • Adan Ponce, Irving Nimitz;
  • Rafael Rivera, Hebron;
  • Pedro Yeverino, Irving MacArthur;
  • Angel Lopez, Coppell;
  • Travis McFarling, Flower Mound;
  • Earl Barnes, Lewisville;
  • Blake Burris, Irving MacArthur;
  • John Brand, Marcus;
  • Jett Casillas, Flower Mound;
  • Stone Eby, Flower Mound;
  • Cole Phillips, Hebron;
  • Amazea Nweamo, Lewisville;
  • Tyler Wood, Flower Mound;
  • Sebastian Ibarra, Irving;
  • Luke Halter, Lewisville;
  • Ethan Barr, Marcus;
  • Will White, Hebron;
  • Tyler Gainey, Marcus;
  • Antonio Wiley, Lewisville;
  • Gerale Flye, Irving MacArthur;
  • Sean Watson, Marcus;
  • Josh Williams, Coppell;
  • Elijah Venzen, Lewisville;
  • Ibrahim Hassan, Irving MacArthur;
  • Demarqus Sanders, Irving MacArthur;
  • Mach Evans, Irving Nimitz;
  • Grant Paulette, Hebron

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